Esteem Implant

by Envoy Medical

Esteem Implants by Envoy Medical

Hearing is central to how we interact with the world around us. Of the population of the world, it is estimated that almost 10% can be classified as the hearing impaired in some manner. Without treatment, these individuals will lose out on many social interactions and become more vulnerable to depressions, isolation, anxiety and even paranoia from missing out on what they should be hearing.

Fortunately, there is a permanent, sensible solution in form of Esteem Implants by Envoy Medical. These Esteem hearing implants is a surgically implanted device that can help improve overall hearing function and increase the enjoyment and quality of life for those who are the hearing impaired. The Esteem implants work by stimulating the inner ear directly, making for fuller and more natural sounds than traditional implants.

The Esteem Implants by Envoy Medical are specifically designed for those suffering from moderate to several hearing loss where conventional hearing aids simply do not work very well. The technology used consists of a sound processor, which is implanted behind the outer ear, and two transducers which help capture and direct sound, that are implanted in the middle ear.

The value of the implantation means that no one can see the Esteem hearing implants and you can go about your life normally and enjoy hearing sounds that have been silent for years. The Esteem hearing implants are created from the same materials used in pacemakers and other implanted devices, which makes them safe and practical for implantation. What make the Esteem implants different from traditional hearing aids is that these use your own ear as the microphone to help capture sounds, rather than an artificial device which can cause more feedback, background noise, and distortion common among traditional hearing devices.

The Esteem Implant cost is nominal when compared to other surgical procedures. This is a safe, effective method to regain hearing without undergoing risky surgery or having obvious hearing aid devices outside the ear for all to see. Plus, the Esteem Implant cost compared to purchasing traditional hearing aids time and time again can become beneficial considering all the positive aspects of owning this unique hearing system.

The Esteem Implants by Envoy Medical consist of four separate parts, starting with the main sensor. This sensor device is attached to the ossicular chain, allowing it to pick up vibrations from the eardrum and converts them to electrical signals. These signals are directed to the sound processor, which filters and increases their strength and carries them to the driver.

The Driver, which attaches to the middle ear, converts the electrical signals to back to normal vibrations which the ear then picks up as sound. All of these devices are quite small and work together to help you hear better and more clearly. The final part of the Esteem Implant by Envoy Medical system is the personal programmer which allows you to easily adjust the volume for whatever situation you are in, answering the phone, carrying on a conversation, or even just sitting outdoors and enjoying the sounds of nature. The Esteem Implants by Envoy Medical is the safe, practical solution to overcoming hearing loss.